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The Citizen Scientist on the Move: Digital Play, Politics and Epistemology Conference

In June 2012 the GAP organized The Citizen Scientist on the Move: Digital Play, Politics and Epistemology! conference. The conference was a two day invitation-only academic conference at Utrecht University and an open workshop day at Waag’s Theatrum Anatomicum in Amsterdam. The conference was the result of our GATE-funded Knowledge Transfer Project in cooperation with 7scenes and Waag Society.

About the conference:

With the advent of digital and mobile technologies scientific knowledge production has changed profoundly. As interactive, affordable, networked and ubiquitous technologies they invite people to engage with, alter and probe scientific ‘facts’. Play is essential to think about this new kind of engagement with science. It offers citizens powerful ways to become involved with and knowledgeable about scientific practices and offers subversive and exciting possibilities to actively contribute to and transform them. During this conference looked at citizen science developments through the lens of play. We explored how the playful potential of digital media and cultures strengthen citizen’s scientific engagement and knowledge about their environment; and how the relationship between professional and laymen knowledge production is shifting through the ludic use of digital technologies. 

For more information, please visit the conference website.

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