Centre for Games and Play

Affiliated Members

Prof. Dr. William Uricchio

WilliamFunction: Professor of Comparative Media History, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University; Professor and director of Comparative Media Studies (CMS) at MIT.
Research: Interplay of media technologies and cultural practices in relation to the (re)construction of representation and knowledge.
uricchio(at)mit.edu / website

Dr. Deborah Cole

Function: Associate Professor for Linguistics
Research: Debbie Cole received her Ph.D at the University of Arizona. Her work in semiotics combines research in linguistic, anthropological, and literary approaches to the study of language. Debbie explores the role of play and games in higher education, particularly with regards to ideological and interdisciplinary constraints on socialized human categorizing, learning, and communicating.
d.l.cole(at)uu.nl / website

Dr. Alex Gekker

Function: former PhD candidate
Research: Examining the emerging ubiquity of digital maps through combined perspectives of New Media, Science and Technology and Human Geography.
a.gekker(at)uu.nl / website

Dr. Chiel Kattenbelt

Function: Associate Professor, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University.
Research: Media comparison; intermediality; semiotics; aesthetics; performance and media theory.
m.j.kattenbelt(at)uu.nl / website

Dr. Sybille Lammes

Function: Professor New Media and Digital Culture, Leiden University.Research: Digital mapping, Actor Network Theory, digital play, digital methodologies.
s.lammes(at)warwick.ac.uk / website

Prof. Dr. Isabella van Elferen

Function: Professor of Music, Performance and Screen Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University London.
Research: Music and (digital) media; film, television and computer game music; gothic and horror music; ontology, hauntology and spectrality.
i.vanelferen(at)kingston.ac.uk / website

Dr. Douglas Rushkoff

Function: Professor Media Theory, Queens College, The City University Of New York.
Research: Viral media; social currency; relationship of people to the programs they use; application of media and game theory to culture, religion and economics.
rushkoff(at)rushkoff.com / website

Dr. David Nieborg

paolaFunction: Assistant Professor Media Studies, Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto.
Research: Political economy; game industry; console games; participatory culture; game journalism.
david(at)gamespace.nl / website

Dr. Paola Monachesi

paolaFunction: Assistant professor at Faculty of Humanities, Department of Languages, Literature and Communication.
Research: Serious games, urban games, language and communication in games, relation between physical and digital spaces
P.Monachesi(at)uu.nl / website