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Affiliated Members

Prof. Dr. William Uricchio

WilliamFunction: Professor of Comparative Media History, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University; Professor and director of Comparative Media Studies (CMS) at MIT.
Research: Interplay of media technologies and cultural practices in relation to the (re)construction of representation and knowledge.
uricchio(at)mit.edu / website

Alex Gekker (Staff)

Function: former PhD candidate
Research: Examining the emerging ubiquity of digital maps through combined perspectives of New Media, Science and Technology and Human Geography.
a.gekker(at)uu.nl / website

Dr. Chiel Kattenbelt

Function: Associate Professor, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University.
Research: Media comparison; intermediality; semiotics; aesthetics; performance and media theory.
m.j.kattenbelt(at)uu.nl / website


Dr. Sybille Lammes

Function: Professor New Media and Digital Culture, Leiden University.Research: Digital mapping, Actor Network Theory, digital play, digital methodologies.
s.lammes(at)warwick.ac.uk / website

Prof. Dr. Isabella van Elferen

Function: Professor of Music, Performance and Screen Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University London.
Research: Music and (digital) media; film, television and computer game music; gothic and horror music; ontology, hauntology and spectrality.
i.vanelferen(at)kingston.ac.uk / website

Dr. Douglas Rushkoff

Function: Professor Media Theory, Queens College, The City University Of New York.

Research: Viral media; social currency; relationship of people to the programs they use; application of media and game theory to culture, religion and economics.
rushkoff(at)rushkoff.com / website

Dr. David Nieborg

Function: Assistant Professor Media Studies, Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto.

Research: Political economy; game industry; console games; participatory culture; game journalism.
david(at)gamespace.nl / website

Dr. Paola Monachesi

paolaFunction: Assistant professor at Faculty of Humanities, Department of Languages, Literature and Communication.
Research: Serious games, urban games, language and communication in games, relation between physical and digital spaces
P.Monachesi(at)uu.nl / website