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Michel Ottens (RMA), Finding words for how video games move us. Interpreting games as motion systems in Erin Manning’s process ontology terms

Charis Papaevangelou (MA), “Play, Connect, Create”: Delineating Valve’s Steam Platformisation Strategy Through its Affordances

Dennis Jansen (MA), Fandom, power, and the library: The fannish creation of paratextual archives for The Elder Scrolls

Brian de Lint (MA), Loss, Guilt, and Restless Dreams: Representing the complex emotions of grief through gameplay and narrative in Silent Hill 2


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Eline Oosterloo (MA), A Let’s Player’s Playful Attitude in a YouTube community.

Bjorn Vredenberg (MA), Signposting, Mise-en-Scene, and Environmental Storytelling. Understanding signposting as navigational tool from a procedural and play-centric approach. (link)

Sophie Winkels (MA), The habituated gamer. A qualitative research into the relation between the procedural rhetoric of gameplay and the habituated schema’s of video game players

Femke Geerts (MA), Saving the Game is Shaping the Game


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M.K.S. Dekker (MA), Affect Theory and Serious Games: Using Affect Theory to Analyse How Emotions are Triggered Through Serious Games.

A. Kerpitsopoulou (MA), Gaming to change the world? Serious Games and the refugee crisis.

Richard Pesch (MA), Playfully Adopting a Virtual Reality: A research into the way how play has manifested during the appropriation phase of the Oculus Rift

B.G. Markus (MA), Gamedesigner spelen: speelse participatie in Super Mario Maker.

B.J.S. Rijk (MA), Watching the Game: How we may Understand Let’s Play Videos.

Geert Verhoeff (MA), Professionalization of esports broadcasts: The mediatization of Dreamhack Counter Strike Tournaments

Jasper van Vliet (MA), The Construction of Good and Evil through Procedurality, Narrative and English Accents in Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty and Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus


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S.J. Kattenberg (MA), Biopolitical Games: Identifying Obscured Mechanisms in Applied Games.

J. Visser (MA), Flappy Bird: vreemde eend in de bijt. Een kritische discoursanalyse van de journalistieke duiding van Flappy Bird.

Jantine van den Berg (MA), “Game Over? Een Onderzoek naar het Conserveren van Arcadegames”.

Wouter Kevelam (MA), “De Discursieve Constructie van Serious Games tijdens de Games for Health Conferentie”.

– Lara Coomans (MA), “Freaking Physics: Glitching as an Emergent Propery in Modern Video Games” (link)

Niels van der Grift (MA), “Commodification of play in the mundane circle. A study of the political-economic use of housing in the MMORPG Wildstar”.

– Joeri Taelman (MA), “Playing with the script: Super Smash Bros. Melee. From a casual game to a competitive game”.

– Laurens Kraaijenbrink (MA), “Playing with Play: Using Expansive Play to Create New Meaningful Experiences in Miami Hotline” (link).

Stephanie de Smale (MA), “Level Up: A Media Archaeological Study on the Rhetoric of Progress About Serious Health Games”. (link)

Thomas dos Reis Faria (MA), “Streaming Live from The Playroom! Media Identity, Design and Trojan Horses”


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Bob Hollanders (MA), “The Free-to-Play Game Commodity” (link).

Niels Hoogendoorn (MA), “Who’s Indie Now? Classifying Indie in the Game Industry” (link)

Rens Lohmann (MA), “Shared Play with the Push of a Button: a Mixed-Methods Analysis of Sony Playstation 4’s Share-Platform” (link)

– Wing Chin (MA), “Gaming with(out) Barriers: Toegankelijkheidsrichtlijnen en het Spelen van Games met of zonder Beperking”. (link)

Sebastiaan Schutijser (MA), “A(A)ffordances: Tracering van Affordances in Online Poker Software” (link)

Suk Ting Tang (MA), “Gamen met de smartphone: een immersieve bezigheid? Een case study naar het ervaren van immersie door casual playing” (link)

Nick van Someren Brand (MA), “Games of our Lives: Self-tracking als een nieuwe vorm van gaming” (link)

Erik Welleweerd (MA), “De rol van “the other” in militaire FPS videogames: Een kritische discoursanalyse van de mediacontroverse rondom de release van Medal of Honor” (link)


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Suen de Andrade e Silva (RMA), “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Play: On Actor-Networks and Identity Performance in Facebook Games” (link).

Terry Guijt (RMA), “Female and Evil: The Role Gender Plays for Villains in Adventure Games” (link).

– Arriën Post (MA), “Clicking and Shooting for Hearts and Minds Soft Power and Military Serious Games” (link).

– Klaas-Pieter Oosterhof (MA), “Replay! Gamemuziek, immersie en herhaling” (link).

Willem Olderaan (MA), “De Ontwikkeling van Applied Games voor het Onderwijs” (link).

– Joerik van Ditmarsch (MA), “Video Games as a Spectator Sport” (link).

Benno Veenis (MA), “Achieving Narrative: The Cyberbard and the Narrative” (link).


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Alex Gekker (RMA), “Gamocracy: Political Communication in the Age of Play” (link).

Martijn van Zwieten (RMA), “Video Games Literacy: A Theoretical Framework” (link).

Abby Waysdorf (RMA), “After the Match and Beyond: Football Fanfiction and the Mediatization of Football” (link).

Jesse Zuurmond (MA), “World At Play: An Argument For An Analytical Perspective Of Playfulness And Playability” (link).

Sarah Wissink (MA), “Spelen binnen de Hybridisering van het Bestaan” (link).

Ruud Koorevaar (MA), “Ludified Culture: Gamification” (link).

Tim van Polen (MA), “Dit waren games. Computergames als cultureel erfgoed” (link)

Fenny Hsueh (MA), “Seriously made: de eerste creatieve ontwerpprocessen en de idea generation-fase in serious games” (link).

Lesley van der Laar (MA), “It’s not dangerous to go alone. The potential of digital media for treating panic disorder” (link).

Eline Muijres (MA), “(Un)real! The Role of Fantasy and Reality in Applied Games” (link).

Thomas van Doorn (MA), “De Ethiek van Gamification: Een Bemiddeling in Ons Leven” (link).

Eric Alberts (MA), “The Kinect Effect: Tracing the Constituents of a Technical Artefact” (link).

Jaap van der Velden (MA), “Het gebruik van voice-over in videogames” (link).

Thomas van Manen (MA), “Spel aan het werk – De explicitering of commodificatie van mediaplay? (link).

Marijn van Herpt (MA), “FPS (Flow Person Shooter): de gewelddaad als spelmechanisme en flow” (link).

Marja Silvertant (MA), “All Fun and Games? Situating Gamification” (link).


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Richard van Meurs (RMA), “Playing Along Your Friends: Asynchronity and the Social in Social Network Games” (link).

Geert Bruinsma (RMA), “Framing the Videogame image: A Deleuzian approach to the images and the actions of 3D videogames” (link).

Amber Lammers (RMA), “Decolonizing Play: An Examination of Ludic Literature” (link).

Jan Daniël van der Munnik (MA), “Super Meat Boy’s tragisch ritueel – Naar een benadering van de ruimte binnen de magische cirkel” (link).

Laura Verstoep (MA), “Van NPC naar SPC / Van Non Player Character naar Social Person Character” (link).

Jenny Glas (MA), “Hijacking FARMVILLE” (link).

Tessa Hastjarjanto (MA), “Adaptief gamen door goed game design” (link).

Martijn van Best (MA), “Participatory Gaming Culture: Indie Game Design As Dialogue Between Player & Creator” (link)

Tim Hüfken (MA), “Exploratie van de Ervaring – Een ontdekkingsreis naar spelplezier en ruimtelijkheid in games” (link).

Aikaterini Gnafaki (MA), “EXPLORE.CONNECT.PARTICIPATE. Transforming the Gallery Space into a Mobile Mediated Playground” (link).

Michael Ros (MA), “Game Dramaturgy: A thought experiment on the integration of the theatre dramaturge in the videogame design process” (link).

Froukje Zumbrink (MA), “Play or work? De veranderende relatie tussen producent en consument bij locatie gebaseerde diensten” (link).

Paul de Nooij (MA), “Homo Ludens 2.0 – Winnaar of verliezer? De vervaging tussen spel en werk in de digitale cultuur” (link).

Jorik van der Hoek (MA), “Tussen boek & spel: Een onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van het spelelement in lezen” (link).

Martijn van Best (MA), “Participatory Gaming Culture: Indie Game Design As Dialogue Between Player & Creator” (link).


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Lotte Harmsen (RMA), “Virtual space in computer games” (link).

Javier Sancho Rodriguez (MA), “Exploring Computer Game Dramaturgy” (link).

Michiel de Vries (MA), “Playformance: Waar games en performance art elkaar ontmoeten” (link).

Michiel Kamp (MA), “Ludic music in video games” (link).

Karlijn Sluijter (MA), “Game wordt film: de narratieve structuur van game-naar-film-adaptaties” (link).

Jan Veenstra (MA), “Beyond the network perspective: kritische analyse van een perspectief op play” (link).

Bas Bergervoet (MA), “De Nederlandse gamepers en de ambivalente relatie met de game-industrie” (link).


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Lies van Roessel (RMA), “Restaging the epic for computer game literacy education” (link).

Andrew Weeks (MA), “Cultural Interfaces” (link).


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Loes Vollenbroek (MA), “Contextualizing Gaming Practices: MMORPG Players and ‘Real Life'” (link).

Jan Castelijns (MA), “Ik ben Snake, Solid Snake! Een onderzoek naar de toepassingsmogelijkheden van het filmtheoretische concept van identificatie binnen de spelervaring” (link).

Jofellini Pulmano (MA), “A Bigger Fish to Fry : Assessing Learning in World of Warcraft” (link).

Jochem Naafs (MA), “De spelende bezoeker van playful performance: een productiedramaturgisch onderzoek naar de rol van de performancebezoeker” (link).

Vincent Nicolai (MA), “Weet wat ze spelen. Videogame classificatie op mondiaal en lokaal niveau” (link).

Harald Warmelink (MA), “Multi-user game environments and collaborative constructivist didactics. An approach to using computer games in higher education” (link).


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Mark Versteegen (MA), “De rectificatie van gedoemde gameaudio” (link).

Mick de Meijer (MA), “Pervasive Games: the dream of the Virtual being Real” (link)

Fabian de Graaf (MA), “Digital Game Based Learning als dè oplossing voor de schoolgaande jeugd?” (link)

Sean Storey (MA), “Digital Samurai” (link).


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David Nieborg (MA), “Changing the Rules of Engagement – Tapping into the Popular Culture of America’s Army, the Official U.S. Army Computer Game” (link).

Pleuke van Dam (MA), “De ontschaping van het publiek: De integratie van de videogame in het theater” (link).