Centre for Games and Play


25 June 2018
10:00 - 13:00
Location: University College Utrecht, Locke Hall/classroom C

MIT@UU pre-conference workshop: Let’s Play & Ludoliteracy

Hosted by: René Glas & Jasper van Vught
(max. 15 participants)

To understand the contemporary game experience does not just mean analyzing games but taking into account the act of playing itself. In this workshop, we will engage with the notion of play as a fundamental part of game literacy through the creation of small Let’s Play Videos. In this process, we will not just focus on how different play strategies lead to different readings of a game. We also show how different situated player contexts function as reference points for making sense of the game, showing the importance of play as a methodological consideration. Comparing and discussing the results of the Let’s Play Videos allows for more critical, self-reflective forms of engagement with this increasingly popular, often contested and highly complex media form.

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