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Playing (with) Infographics

From the blog of René Glas: I will present at the upcoming Infographics conference (March 4, 2011). I will be talking about infographics in games, with a focus on different ways information about the state of a game (for example, a charactar’s health) can be communicated to players through infographics within the game’s fictional world….

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Ludotopia II, 24-25 February

Teun Dubbelman will present at the Ludotopia II Conference, The University of Salford, Greater Manchester. This conference on the spatial aspects of computer games is organised by Mathias Fuchs, Espen Aarseth and Stephan Guenzel. From the conference website: “LUDOTOPIA” is the key term and programmatic notion for spatial aspects of computergames. The questions we are…

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