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Level 5: Mob Fest – Mobile Gaming Festival @ Mediamatic


Mediamatic hosted in March 2011 a three day festival about mobile gaming at the Mediamatic Bank (Vijzelstraat 69, Amsterdam), which was the closing event of their impressive Arcade exhibition. Day one and two were hosted by GAP member Michiel de Lange.
From the Mediamatic site:
March 23rd: Thinking Mobile

How can mobile games excel beyond the level of ‘play once and never use again’? In other words: what makes a good mobile game? Speakers: Kars Alfrink of Hubbub, Richard Birkin (UK) of Mudlark, and NIMk artist in residence Duncan Speakman (UK).

March 24th: Doing Mobile

Games are an easy way of addressing complex issues and igniting people to get involved. How can mobile games contribute to a better future? What good can a mobile game do? Speakers: Louise Down (UK) of Tate Modern, Karel Millenaar of FourceLabs and Emer Beamer of Butterfly Works.

March 25th: Ignite Amsterdam 7

Ignite is a fast-paced and merciless evening, full of fresh ideas and clever insights. Speakers get five minutes to present an idea or project. They make use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. The seventh edition was all about mobile games. Speakers: 15 game developers, journalists, artists and programmers.

Subsidy awarded to Mobile Learning project

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and ICT Regie have awarded a subsidy to the Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play (GAP) for the research project Mobile Learning. The goal of this project is to improve and evaluate the learning results of mobile applications and games that are developed by 7scenes, such as the Games Atelier. The project runs from 2010 till 2012 and involves Utrecht University/GAP, 7scenes and Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab as main partners.

More info about the Mobile Learning research project can be found here.

Millions invested in Dutch Game Garden

The Utrecht-based foundation Dutch Game Garden has received 4 million Euro from the European Union and local, regional and national governments in the Netherlands.

From press release:

The contribution ensures Dutch Game Garden is able to continue its mission for the coming five years: to establish a better climate for new companies, create more job opportunities and more possibilities for innovation in the Dutch game industry. The more full-fledged companies and start-ups Dutch Game Garden is able to attract, the more companies may profit from a spirit of collaboration, resulting in strong economical impulses.


Expert Meetings: The Future of Serious Gaming

In March 2011 the STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends organized two expert meetings with The Future of Serious Games as main topic. Below is one of the presentations by GAP research member Michiel de Lange, which deals with mobile media technology, urban life and playful identities.

The Expert Meetings: The Future of Serious Games is a joined initiative by STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends and GATE Game Research for Training and Education (the latter of which GAP was also involved in).